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Bye bye wordpress, hello sculpin March 01, 2016

When you are a developer, using wordpress is not really fun. It's easy to use, you have nothing to do but you have to maintain it, make upgrade, upgrade module, boring... this is the normal life of a CMS.

I really like the idea of generating a static website with a tool dedicated to that. Thelia documentation already use this type of tool through github pages (jekyll + github pages), clermont'ech uses the exact same system.


I discover sculpin at the Symfony live london 2014, it's fun, it's written in PHP with some symfony components. You just have to create your own template and then write posts in markdown or textile

what is fun ?

  • writing in markdown
  • you can play with git hook for deploying your website
  • of course, you can extend sculpin
  • you are not linked to github

For now my template is very ugly and will certainly stay like this :-D but I want it as simple as possible, I think I can't do less...

PS : my old posts in french are no more alive, I have to find a place where archive them.