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ecommerce paris + sf live london + more March 01, 2016

Last week was amazing. The Thelia team went to the ecommerce paris and to the symfony live London and I was present on both events.

Ecommerce Paris

ecommerce paris is a non technical meeting but it’s the perfect moment to meet agencies who are using Thelia and to convince other People to use Thelia instead of other old solutions. I just take a look on the other ecommerce platform during this event and I meet some software that can added value to Thelia like Akeneo or OpenSearchServer. A development is already started with OpenSearchServer and I will start a POC with Akeneo once the Rest API finished. For the rest, nothing really interesting for me, just marketing stuff but usefull for online business like retargeting, delivery and payment gateway, etc.

Symfony Live London


This event was, obviously, the most important for me. It is always a pleasure to be in this kind of event. Sensio UK offer us a booth in the community part of the event for presenting Thelia. Most of people were interested in Thelia. In fact Thelia is one of the few stable solution based on Symfony. You can already use it for a production project and Thelia is also designed for online merchant and not only for developers. It was also an opportunity for me to make a lightning talk in english. For the first time I talk about Thelia in english. It was a little bit stressful but finally all was ok. I saw the conference of Beau Simenson about Stack (slides are available here). It was really interesting and I think it can be a good idea to integrate it in Thelia. I will work on it soon. Commerce guys was also here for presenting It looks like a good PaaS solution and they want to integrate Thelia in the default solution presents. It will be a pleasure for me to contribute if they want.

One More Thing

During the week we meet lot of interesting people and I think Thelia becomes more and more popular. We also learned that big and prestigious agencies are using Thelia but I can’t say who for now. It is also planned to meet the editor of a big solution before the end of october. You will know more about that on Thelia’ blog.

To Sum up

  • We are working for plugging Thelia to solution like Akeneo and OpenSearchServer
  • Thelia users/community is growing
  • People like Thelia because it’s a modern and stable solution
  • More and more interesting tools, like Stack, will be integrated in Thelia